Joseph Ferrari

The Mount Adapter: Let The Evolution Begin

Metabones and Conurus have announced the Canon EF to Sony E mount adapter. This comes so close to reaching the promised-land in adapters. The only function missing is auto focus—a translucent mirror version with phase detection is just around the corner!

Regarding the cost of $399 for the unit, the market will eventually determine the price point. To those with Canon glass, they know the value of their collection. This adapter now provides a bridge for Canon users to minimize the investment into the NEX-7 or 5N (body only) and use their existing lenses—this is a large market of professionals and enthusiasts.

But why would you want to hang large glass on such a small body?

Simple: because the overall package is smaller. Reduction in weight and size should always be welcomed by the user. Get over the proportionality issue—it’s just a state of mind.

But isn’t this large lens and small body difficult to carry and use?

It’s actually easier to do both. Since there is little camera, the user is forced to hold by the barrel of the lens. This allows a single hold position to facilitate carry-and-shoot. It’s easy to carry by your side. It’s easy to transition from carry-to-shoot. It’s well balanced during frame and focus. It’s well stabilized during capture.

For me, this is good news as a Sony user with Canon glass; it’s also good news for Canon users who want to explore the Sony NEX mirrorless system.