Joseph Ferrari

Sony A57 Announcement

March 13, 2012: Sony announces another SLT-based body in the APS-C format—this time using their high performance 16.1MP sensor. I won’t bother with listing the specifications, instead, I’ll comment on the market position of this camera.

At the $800 price-point (including kit lens), the A57 is $200 less than the 24MP A65 with kit lens. Now this would have made sense if the A57 had the OLED EVF and cost the same as the 65, but it doesn’t: it has 1.4MP LCD instead.

So, for the enthusiast who wants the ultimate in ISO performance and image quality, they will have to compromise on the framing experience and use a sub-par EVF. With the A57, Sony is confusing their product line. I would develop two lines of APS-C SLT capturing systems: 1) high resolution; 2) low resolution with high ISO.

Will Sony make available an A77-calibre body with the 16.1MP and OLED EVF?