Joseph Ferrari

Storms Within: The Video

In June of last year, I began the journey of capturing Niagara Falls using video. The goal was to use the backdrops of this magnificent place as visual stimulus for my music. Without further adieu, here it is:

The music was originally written in 1997. It was part of a concept album called “The Sun Will Shine Again.” Due to personal reasons, the project went dormant. Then last year I shook the dust of this project, extracted the track “Storms Within” and began to apply my current knowledge and experience, along with today’s modern tools to the creation and production of this musical track.

To demonstrate how much of a transformation this track has undergone, here’s an early sample from 1997:

Storms Within 1997

During the last year, a lot of changes were made to the track—even some of the lyrics have changed. As can be heard, I’ve completely revamped the singing.

Most of the footage was captured in 2012—the night and  fireworks scenes at the end of the video were taken in late January of  2013.

The video was produced in Sony Vegas Pro 12—I originally began the project in Premiere Pro, but I really like the workflow of Vegas a whole lot more.