Joseph Ferrari


Music was my first real passion—I say real because I had interests in science and technology, ethics, math & logic and sports during my youth.  Music brought me a new experience. It is wonderful that this passion for music still burns today.

During the next year, I hope to publish my entire catalog of my original music and make it available for purchase on all the major online music stores—iTunes, AmazonMp3, Rhapsody and many others.

In the meantime, below are samples of my music, enjoy!

Spring Into Action

In the late 80’s, this track was an invention for piano practice. Then in the late 90’s, I embellished it with additional instruments. Sometimes, its an evolutionary process.

The Night Comes

I first wrote “The Night Comes” (TNC) in 1996. This was the last track to the collection called, “Don’t Let It Go”, which was released in early 1997.

A lot has happened since that initial release—my knowledge of audio production has exponentially increased—my ears for musical production have improved, the tools have improved. And so I’ve gone back into the original version and did some revisions based on my current capabilities.

Musically, the notes haven’t changed much—save for the opening and closing movements.  A lot of time was spent modifying the weight of each note of the piano. The closing notes were also changed: the new track now ends with an ascending direction that is positive.

A significant addition to the opening and closing was the ambient track of birds and the sound of waves reaching a shoreline.

Today’s artists have opportunities that were unimaginable two decades ago—they are no longer bound by the legacy of the real world. Now the artists are free to connect with their audience—unencumbered by prohibitive costs.

The track has four movements—nocturne, dawn, a day of living, reflection.

Have a listen to this new, pre-release version—enjoy!

West Coast Ease

One of my greatest pleasures from this track was a story told to me by one of my friends—it went something like this:

While listening to West Coast Ease one evening, we decided to order a pizza and while giving my order, the woman on the other end of the phone asks: what music is playing in the background—it’s beautiful?!

This type of uninvited comment is priceless. It’s a wonderful way of getting paid.

This track was originally released in 1997 as part of the ‘Don’t Let It Go’ collection. I am now re-releasing it with some minor musical changes.